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Flexible LED Light Bar Is An Outdoor Line Lighting Decoration Products
Nov 01, 2017

Flexible LED light bar is the use of FPC to do assembly circuit board, with SMD LED assembly, the thickness of its product is only a coin thickness, no space; general specifications are 30cm long 12 LED, 24 LED and 50cm long 15 LED, 30 LED and so on.

Flexible LED light bar is the use of FPC to do assembly circuit board, with SMD package (SMD) high brightness LED as the light source, every 3 lights for a unit, every 50 cm for a large length unit, the product thickness is only The thickness of a coin, do not take up space soft flexible LED light bar is free to cut, Flexible LED Strip can also be arbitrarily extended and light is not affected. Because the use of FPC material is soft, can be bent, folded, winding, can be three-dimensional space to move and stretch and break; it is suitable for irregular places and small space, but also because of its arbitrary bending and winding , Flexible LED Strip Suitable for advertising and other decorative in any combination of various patterns. It is DC 12V power supply, low power consumption, silicone potting, luminous colorful, uniform color, easy to damage, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, easy to install, can be said that the LED series of another initiative!

Flexible lamp, including lamp body, end cover, flexible substrate and LED chip, one end of the lamp body with end caps, lamp body, including the mask and lampholders, masks and lampholders from the milky white plastic stretch molding, The bottom is provided with a mounting groove, the face mask and the lampholder are arranged in a space, and the card slot is provided on both sides of the lampholder, the flexible board is arranged on the card slot, the LED chip is provided on the flexible substrate, the other end of the lamp body is provided with a joint The connector is provided with a power supply line at one end of the joint body, Flexible LED Strip and the other end of the joint body is provided with a protruding plate, and two copper pieces are arranged on the extension plate. One end of the copper piece is connected with the power supply line, One end is connected with the flexible substrate, and the sealing plate is provided with a sealing cover. First open the sealing cover, the flexible substrate and the connector of the copper connection, Flexible LED Strip and then cover the lid to cover, easy to operate, but also because the mask and lampholder by the milky white plastic stretch forming, so LED chip light through Mask after the light uniform, good lighting effect.

Flexible LED light bar features

1. Using flexible PCB circuit board for the substrate, ultra-high brightness 5050,3528 (three-chip one) patch LED for the luminous body, light angle of 120 degrees.

2. Flexible LED light bar on the back with 3M glue, easy to install, Flexible LED Strip can be used in interior decoration, window lighting and other projects. In the case of

3. All transparent plastic irrigation soft light strip, not only completely waterproof, but also to maintain flexible LED light bar is very soft, can bend any of the characteristics of a great improvement in the quality of the light bar stability, Flexible LED Strip the use of reliability and safety The Waterproof grade IP68, can be used underwater. In the case of

4. Special waterproof material to ensure that the use of -25 ° C to +40 ° C environment, can keep the light bar easy to shape the characteristics of the ideal outdoor lighting decorative products.