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LED Bulb Life Is 3-5 Times The Energy-saving Lamps
Nov 01, 2017

LED bulb is a new energy-saving lamps that replace traditional incandescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent lamp (tungsten filament lamp) high energy consumption, short life, in the global resource environment, has been gradually banned by the production of governments, along with alternative products are electronic energy-saving lamps, although the electronic energy-saving lamps to improve energy efficiency, LED Bulb But because of the use of a lot of pollution of the environment of heavy metal elements, but also contrary to the general trend of environmental protection. With the rapid development of LED technology LED lighting has become a new type of green lighting choice. LED in the light principle, energy saving, LED Bulb environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting products.

1 easy to install

As incandescent and electronic energy-saving lamps in the daily use of people still occupy a very high proportion, in order to reduce waste, LED lighting manufacturers must develop in line with the existing interface and people's habits LED lighting products, making people do not need to replace The original traditional lighting base and the case of the line can use a new generation of LED lighting products. So LED bulb came into being. LED bulb using the existing interface, that is, screw, jack (E26 \ E27 \ E14 \ B22, etc.), and even in line with people's habits to imitate the incandescent bulb shape. Based on the LED unidirectional principle of light-emitting, LED Bulb designers in the lighting structure to make changes make LED bulb light distribution curve with the incandescent light point of light convergence. Based on the LED light-emitting characteristics, LED bulb structure should be relatively complex incandescent, basically divided into light source, drive circuit OFweek semiconductor lighting network, cooling devices, LED Bulb these parts together to create low energy consumption, long life, high light efficiency and environmental protection LED bulb products. So that LED lighting products in the present terms, is still a high technological content of high-tech lighting products.


1, convenience

You can directly replace the existing E27, E14, GU10 and B22 interface, energy-saving lamps and ordinary light bulb products, do not make any changes, do not need any technical staff or professionals, LED Bulb read our instructions, DIY can be easily achieved From the ordinary lighting to replace the LED lighting.

2, security

Ordinary energy-saving lamps work at about 60-80 ℃ temperature, ordinary incandescent lamp higher temperature (80-120 ℃), do not accidentally hit will burn.

Bulb light is used as a light source LED, LED Bulb with a professional cooling structure, the work is very low temperature (40-60 ℃), even if caught in the hands will not burn.

Energy-saving lamps and ordinary light bulb products are made of glass, colliding with hard objects is easy to break, resulting in permanent damage and can not be used, LED Bulb and accidentally will be cut glass.

Bulb is a professional design of the shell, the lamp shell material is the use of PC material / acrylic die-casting molding, the light part of the LED is also used in special anti-seismic materials (lens part of the use of the most advanced is a soft Lens technology), and its shade is acrylic material, even if broken is not easy to cause cuts.

LED bulb is the appearance of people have been accustomed to the shape of the bulb - spherical, the internal light source is selected LED lamp beads. With all the advantages of LED lamps: 1, energy saving, LED Bulb environmental protection; 2, long life; 3, no flicker, green.

More energy: LED energy consumption is energy-saving lamps 1/4, incandescent 1/10

Long life: LED lamp life of up to 50,000 hours, life is 3-5 times the energy-saving lamps.

More healthy: light guide uniform, no flicker, not dazzling, free of ultraviolet and infrared.

More environmentally friendly: mercury-free hazardous substances, recyclable, protect the green earth.

Full color change: rich colors, LED Bulb can display vivid and delicate patterns and effects.

Easy installation: simple installation, direct replacement of incandescent, very low maintenance costs.