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LED Bulb Light Does Not Contain Ultraviolet And Infra-red
Oct 20, 2017

Characteristics of LED Bulb lamp

1, the use of independent packaging single 1w*5 high-power led as light source, the use of multiple chip integrated single module design, the use of imported high-brightness semiconductor chip, LED Bulb with high thermal conductivity, light decay, light color pure, no ghosting and so on.

2, the use of LED solid light source, no glass shell, tungsten wire and other vulnerable components, withstand the shock, the use of common E27 commonly used interface, LED Bulb can be directly installed in the commonly used AC 86V to 265V interface, easy to use, safe.

3, the energy-saving effect is obvious, the lamp power is 5W LED illumination lamp, the brightness is equivalent to 15W incandescent, can save energy 60%.

4, unique cooling design technology to make LED light source life of up to 50,000 hours, LED Bulb the overall lamp life does not need to replace the light source, maintenance costs are very low.

5, no bad glare, no stroboscopic, eliminate the traditional lamps caused by bad glare, LED Bulb visual fatigue and visual interference.

6, LED light source color and temperature can be flexible choice, according to user needs tailor-made, for different application environment of the lighting design provides a convenient.

7, LED bulb lamp start without delay, power can reach normal brightness, no waiting, LED Bulb switch times can reach more than million.

8, combined with solar energy is a perfect partner, give full play to the low voltage LED DC work and energy-saving advantages of environmental protection, LED Bulb solar photovoltaic panels and led light source combined to achieve the best cost-effective and high reliability for customers.

Advantages of LED Bulb bulbs

1 Energy saving, more than 80% of ordinary bulbs.

2. Super long life, for ordinary light source lamps more than 10 times times.

3. Green environment, free of harmful elements such as mercury and lead is beneficial to recovery and will not produce electromagnetic interference.

4. Light health, does not contain ultraviolet rays and infra-red, LED Bulb does not produce radiation.

5. Safe and reliable, stable performance.

LED Bulb Light

The price of LED bulb bulbs

As the LED bulb light in the structure of the complex than the incandescent lamp, so even in the case of large-scale production, product prices will be higher than the incandescent lamp, at present, the price of LED bulbs is higher than the electronic energy-saving lamps. But as more and more people recognize and accept, and the scale of production slowly spread, LED bulb lamp prices will soon reach the level of electronic energy-saving lamps. If the purchase of an energy-saving account, you will find that even now the higher prices, LED Bulb on a year's basis, the initial purchase cost of +1 years of electricity is lower than incandescent and electronic energy-saving lamps. and LED bulb lamp current service life can be up to 30,000 hours.

Application range of LED bulb lamp

1. Aisle lights, building point light source, window gallery lighting light source;

2. Home lighting, commercial lighting, museums, exhibition halls, etc.

3. Lighting engineering, banks, restaurants, schools, gymnasiums, bookstores, hotels, etc.