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LED Floodlights Are Used In Many Areas
Oct 11, 2017

What is LED floodlights, LED floodlights light angle greater than 40 degrees above known as LED floodlights, LED floodlights range of illumination can be adjusted, LED floodlights in the landscape lighting lighting which is the most widely used Lamps.

LED floodlights, also known as spotlights, projection lamps, spotlights, etc., mainly used for building decoration lighting purposes, as well as commercial space lighting, LED Floodlight decorative elements heavier, the appearance of a round also square.

LED floodlight is actually led lamp cups. He has some of his own characteristics.

1, high purity aluminum reflector, the most accurate beam, the best reflection.

2, symmetrical narrow angle, LED Floodlight wide angle and asymmetric distribution system.

3, behind the open replacement lamp, easy maintenance.

4, lamps are equipped with a dial to facilitate the adjustment of the angle of exposure.

The main features of the LED floodlight are as follows:

1, LED floodlight shell and module using die-cast aluminum (ADC12), to protect the use of LED floodlight safety (anti-typhoon 12), LED flood light collision level to IK10.

2, LED floodlight lamp body shell color can choose: black, white, silver.

3, LED floodlight module design, LED floodlight radiator with high-conductivity aviation aluminum LED flood light to provide adequate cooling area, LED floodlight temperature rise is not higher than 30 ℃.

4, LED floodlight silicone seal with the United States Dow Corning raw materials die-casting forming, LED floodlight module radiator and the perfect combination between the lens, LED floodlight lamp waterproof rating can reach IP67.

5, LED floodlight optical lens: LED flood light optical precision design requirements, LED flood light with German Bayer PC raw materials (anti-ultraviolet), LED floodlights use 10 years without color. LED floodlights have 7 kinds of light angle options: 25 ° -40 ° -80 ° -120 ° (transparent cover - scrub) -30 * 70 ° -70 * 140 ° - polarized 40 ° and other multi-angle options , LED floodlights to meet the professional light distribution, LED floodlights to adapt to different occasions.

6, LED floodlight with OSRAM LED light source, LED floodlight light effect> 130LM / W, LED flood light color saturation is good, LED floodlight color rendering index Ra ≥ 80, LED floodlight life is greater than 60000 hours.

7, LED floodlight installation: LED floodlight can be hoisting, wall mounted, the ground up to the installation. LED floodlight lamp on both sides of the installation of automatic adjustment of the angle of the device, LED Floodlight do not need any tool to adjust the angle, LED floodlight every 15 minutes, LED floodlight can be adjusted to 180 degrees.

8, LED floodlight quality assurance: 5 years, LED floodlight products were TUV, CE, CB, FCC, SAA, PSE, IK08, IP66.

LED floodlights as electric light source of the replacement products have been more and more recognized by the market, LED floodlights have also been applied in many areas.