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Led GU10 Spotlight Color Is Good
Oct 11, 2017

led GU10 spotlight, is to gather the light together to strengthen the light brightness, play a prominent role by the material.

led GU10 spotlight is used LED lamp beads, rather than the traditional light bulbs, LED lamp beads life than the traditional long life of the lamp, the function is the same, are played the role of condenser. Wuhan Kemma Television Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. as a studio lighting and conference room lighting design and construction experts, the development and production of products in the LED digital spotlight using high color rendering index high-power LED module as a light-emitting components, the use of non-spherical optical condenser system , LED GU10 Spotlight With high-quality Fresnel lens, with high luminous efficiency, good color, low glare value and long life and many other advantages, mainly for television news studio, virtual studio, interview studio, theater, electricity Classrooms, various conference rooms, multi-purpose hall and other places as a functional lighting.

led GU10 spotlight is to use light-emitting diodes as the light source of the spotlights. Traditional lighting more use of halogen lamps, luminous efficiency is low, more power consumption, LED GU10 Spotlight the ambient temperature is lit, the service life is short. LED in the light principle, energy saving, environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting products. And LED light unidirectional to form a perfect support for the spotlight light distribution. led GU10 spotlight is the light source of light-emitting diodes, LED GU10 Spotlight it is now the most concerned about the new high-tech industry, the current LED as a light source made more and more lamps, one of the most acclaimed is led GU10 spotlight, because with other LED Compared to the lighting, led GU10 spotlight lower prices. In the case of

1. led GU10 spotlight using low-voltage direct current can be driven: a small load, the advantages of weak interference, the use of lower environmental requirements. In the case of

2. led GU10 spotlight can better control the composition of the luminous spectrum, LED GU10 Spotlight which can be well used in museums and exhibition hall in the local or key lighting. In the case of

3. led GU10 spotlight luminous directivity is very strong: brightness attenuation is much lower than the traditional light source, led GU10 spotlight price of civilians.

4. led GU10 spotlight response time is very fast: in the microsecond level, LED GU10 Spotlight as long as the switch is open, immediately will be bright, there will be no delay and flashing phenomenon. In the case of

5. led GU10 spotlight issued by the light energy concentration is high: concentrated in the smaller wavelength window, high purity. In the case of

6. Life is very long: generally between 50,000 to 100,000 hours, because the LED is a semiconductor device, even the frequent switch, it will not affect the service life. In the case of

7. Good environmental protection, led GU10 spotlight in the production process do not add "mercury", do not need to inflate, do not need glass shell, good impact resistance, good shock resistance, easy to break, easy to transport, very environmentally friendly, known as "Green energy", led GU10 spotlight price of civilians. In the case of

8. Energy: led GU10 spotlight spectrum almost all concentrated in the visible frequency band, the luminous efficiency of up to 80 ~ 90%. Most people think that energy-saving lamps can be energy-saving 4/5 is a great initiative, but led GU10 spotlight energy-saving lamps but also energy-saving 1/4, LED GU10 Spotlight which is a great reform of solid light source.

In addition, led GU10 spotlight also has other advantages, high light quality, basically no radiation, led GU10 spotlight price of civilians, are typical of green lighting; reliable and durable, LED GU10 Spotlight very low maintenance costs and so on. Because led GU10 spotlight has more than other solid light source can not match the characteristics of 10 years after the LED lighting industry will be the mainstream light source.