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The Working Principle, Advantages And Usage Of LED Headlights
Oct 27, 2018

Nowadays, the application of LED headlights is becoming more and more extensive. 

So, what is the LED headlight?

How LEDs work?

To put it simply, when a current passes through a p-type semiconductor and reaches an n-type semiconductor, the LED light illuminates, and p-n junction is the key. This type of luminescence is called electroluminescence. In terms of color conversion, it depends mainly on the semiconductor material and the amount of energy passing through it.

LED advantages

Compared with other light sources, LED lamps have higher brightness, are cleaner, and have smaller volume, no heat, and low energy consumption. Therefore, LEDs and the like are more energy efficient.

The white light of the LED is closer to the natural light, and it is less likely to cause eye fatigue, and the glare generated in the fog is smaller. In addition, the projection distance of such a beam is much longer than that of a conventional light source.

Can users configure LED headlights on their own cars?

Users can configure LED backlight strips and other LED driving lights, but these LED headlights must be configured to a specific location. However, users may complain that when the LED lights are configured, they are usually only available after the high beam is activated. When the high beam is turned off, the LED headlights will also turn off automatically.